Quality experts are a necessity in litigation. But finding, vetting, and paying for the best experts is time consuming, expensive, and, too often, places your firm & clients at financial risk. ExpertPays is the strategic resource your firm needs NOW! 

We are litigation professionals working to get you the right experts so you can get the best results for your clients.  

With ExpertPays, you can stop losing the “battle of the experts” to well financed defendants and start putting together your best case NOW! 

 Our innovative approach to experts is unprecedented in the industry.  

  • No added costs for expert matching 
  • Experts are paid up front 
  • Don’t pay until successful case resolution 
  • No interest

Stop using lines of credit for case costs. Stop putting your clients at risk. Stop leveraging firm collateral and personal guarantees. Stop exposing firm financials. 

Start increasing cash flow and reducing overhead without spending or borrowing money. 

Start using ExpertPays NOW! 

Yes! Finding experts is time consuming, expensive, and, too often, places your firm & clients at financial risk.

Our litigation professionals will find, vet, and pay the up front costs for top experts and services, saving you time and money.

Yes! If you have your own experts and service providers or if you find ones that you would like to work with, we will be happy to vet them for inclusion into our Deferred Payment Plus program.

It’s easy!

1. Register on our online portal and submit an application.

2. Discuss your case needs with a litigation specialist.

3. ExpertPays professionals get to work reviewing your case and finding your experts and services.

4. Choose from top experts and services fitted to your specific case needs at fixed costs without interest or hidden fees.

5.  Work directly with your chosen experts and services with as needed support from the ExpertPays team.

6. Your experts and service providers are paid by ExpertPays when their work is completed.

7. You pay ExpertPays upon successful resolution of your case.

It’s easy and we are here to help!

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In short, it means if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

To be more specific, in jurisdictions where allowed, if ExpertPays approves a deferred payment for your experts or legal support services and the case fails to collect a judgment, ExpertPays will not pursue payment from your firm or your client.

ExpertPays Deferred Payment Plus is the risk free way to postpone paying for expert and case related services until after a case settles.

Deferring payment until case resolution allows you to pursue justice for seriously injured victims, reduce overhead, align case expenses with recovery from settlement or judgment, separate unreasonable cost concerns from case strategy, and make your money usable to your business.



Costs owed to ExpertPays for experts and services through our Deferred Payment Program are case costs and expenses.


Part of our terms and conditions requires the law firm to get client approval.

Your ethics board appreciates it.


Communication must take place for an expert to understand the scope and needs of the case.


The ExpertPays Portal is a safe and secure location where you can conveniently exchange, receive, store and access case related documents, including expert reports, billing, disclosure documents, and more.

No. Using the ExpertPays Portal is optional.

But we highly encourage you to try our portal because it is a secure location for document transfer.

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ExpertPays will review and approve your sign up request.

If your firm is already using the ExpertPays Portal, any firm user with administrator access can also add you to the firm’s profile.

If you have forgotten your password, please email and an ExpertPays employee will assist you.


ExpertPays has a proprietary nationwide database of top experts and legal service providers.

We are constantly expanding our roster and offerings to law firms and their injured clients.

If you have expertise that could be useful in a legal case talk to us, we would be happy to hear from you!

The professionals at ExpertPays work with attorneys to identify case needs and offer options for top experts and services.

When you work with ExpertPays, you will work with quality lawyers on highly screened cases with immediate payment of your fees when your work is completed.


Expert and services are paid by ExpertPays when work is completed, or up front when appropriate.