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Lifecare Plan

A life care plan demonstrates how injuries affect an individual over time. A medical doctor or other qualified professional reviews records, conducts a clinical interview with the injured individual and consults with treating providers when needed. Part of the process is performing market rate cost research, and cost analysis to provide a comprehensive plan for current and future healthcare and ancillary needs.

Medical Cost Projection

A medical cost projection is a faster and less expensive method than a life care plan for establishing the accurate and reasonable value of future medical damages. This is accomplished by using qualified professionals and reliable databases for market rate cost research and analysis.

Historical Billing Analysis

Ensure medical specials are recoverable with qualified professionals who will identify and defend past medical bills as usual, customary and reasonable; and, refute opposing experts who claim otherwise.

Vocational Assessment

Identify employment abilities and earning potential after injury to determine injured victim’s loss of future earning capacity and vocational rehabilitation needs.

Economic Loss Reports

Substantiate your injured client’s economic damages including present value of future medical expenses, past and future lost wages and earning capacity, loss of retirement benefits, and loss of household services, with a qualified economist.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Assess your injured client’s physical abilities, limitations and levels of disability, and demonstrate the extent of injury and the injury’s impact on the ability to perform daily activities, work tasks, and engage in leisure activities. This is a physical, in person examination and will assess your client’s efforts, reliability and can comment on malingering claims.

Medical Experts

Choose qualified medical expert witnesses custom tailored for your cases from a nationwide network to consult; perform forensic evaluations; offer medical opinions on standards of care, medical causation, apportionment, and reasonableness of care and billing; rebut opposing experts; testify; and more.

Motor Vehicle Collision Experts 

Find scientific and technical experts specializing in collisions involving all kinds of motorized vehicles: accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, human factors, biomechanics, transportation safety, roadway design, traffic control, crash simulations, property damage, loss of use & more.

TBI Experts

From liability to medical causation to damages, ExpertPays is your go-to for all your brain injury specialists and related needs: early screening tools for mild TBI, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, forensic imaging, animations, and more.

Premises Liability & Security Experts

Engineers, architects, construction managers, and safety professionals are available to assist on residential, commercial, and public premises cases including analysis of policy and procedures, building code, ADA compliance, OSHA compliance, industry standards, safety conditions, design and construction defects, use of force, security, and more.

Nursing Home Experts

Access a medical doctor, nurse, or other qualified specialist in nursing homes, geriatrics, falls, long term care, pressure ulcers, assisted living, wound care, bed sores, dementia, skilled nursing facility, standards of care, restraints, and group homes.

Records Retrieval

Timely obtain complete medical records using record retrieval specialists who contact providers and hospitals, submit necessary formal requests, conduct all following up, pay up front for records, and make them available on an online portal for easier access.

Medical Chronology & Record Services

Medical professionals and technology combine to reduce, organize & review volumes of medical records to provide chronologies including chronologies with hyperlinks to records, prepare narrative summaries of medical care, and identify missing records.

Case Related Services

Utilize process servers, court reporters, policy and policy limit searches, policy limit demands, animations, models, day in the life videos, ADR services, trial consultants, and more.

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D.M., ESQ.

Partner in multi-state firm, Chicago, IL

ExpertPays has been an indispensable weapon in our arsenal allowing our firm to maximize client recovery with quality experts and flexible payment options.

M.S., ESQ.

Large regional firm ,Woodbridge, NJ

I have used your experts who have helped to maximize case value and quantify future life care case projections and wage losses. I have used your economic and life care planning experts at mediation to foster fair and reasonable settlements with great success. Your life care planning experts are thorough in reviewing medicals and local pricing to determine future costs of care. I recommend it without reservation.

S.H., ESQ.

The Injury Lawyer” Baltimore, MD

I have worked with ExpertPays on several occasions regarding life care plans for my seriously injured clients. The experience has been pain free and a pleasure. The reports have been dead on and very helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend using ExpertPays. And they defer payment so you don’t have to pay the costs up front!

D.K., ESQ.

Partner of busy PI firm, Austin, TX

ExpertPays has been invaluable in organizing my cases, decreasing time to settlement, and maintaining my cash flow. It’s the best kept secret in the business.