The Trinity Lit Carrier: The Life Care Plan, The Vocational Assessment, and The Economist Report

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Date: 27.06.2020 Time to read: 3 min

“It is a maxim in our law that a plaintiff must show that he stands on a fair ground when he calls on a Court of justice to administer relief to him. [We're typically satisfied by an expert witness strike from the Trinity LIT Carrier]" - Booth v. Hodgson (1795), 6 T. R. 409 (addendum from Expertpays).

Proving damages for past treatment is easy. Produce the medical bills, show that they are “reasonable and customary,” (which incidentally, increasingly requires the use of a medical billing expert to show the usual and customary nature of the charges), and the case makes itself.

The plaintiff must prove that future medical damages are “reasonably certain” to occur. Now, the expert witness alone is free of the “reasonably certain” standard, because it applies to the totality of the plaintiff’s evidence on this point.

The U.S. Navy took this shot of the Trinity Lit Carrier launching a proof strike on the plaintiff's behalf

Realistically, however, the main evidence from the plaintiff for “future medical damages” will be an expert witness. So, when it comes to future medical damages, showing that they are “reasonably certain” to occur typically requires an expert witness. Because the medical bills for future treatment are necessarily non-existent, an expert witness must project an amount based on today’s injuries.

We already know that the life care plan is the litigation battleship to the medical cost projection's destroyer. But there is one step up from the life care plan yet.

Enter, the Trinity Lit Carrier (TLC).


  • One-stop damages shop --- two separate expert reports "take off" from the deck and strike opposing counsel
  • Ironclad support for your damages case
  • Litigation ready


  • Unnecessary if the case drops below a certain value

TLC bombards your opponent with proof, severely hindering their ability to negotiate the “reasonably certain” future damages --- short of assembling rival expert witnesses, an expensive proposition for the defense.

TLC is unnecessary for cases that litigation is cost-prohibitive for. While you need an expert witness to prove those future damages, a medical cost projection ($4,250) alone should earn you the low limits.

TLC is litigation's carrier-class damages warship. It is well-designed for policies or pockets at or over $250,000 that require a fight. The Trinity Lit Carrier is the right weapon for this clash.

However, the vast majority of cases never go to trial. So the question really is when your opponent will settle. With TLC, the answer will be “as soon as possible.” Time is money, so the sooner the settlement, the greater the reward.

Another successful mission launched from the Trinity Lit Carrier

With Expertpays you can obtain the TLC pre-litigation for one of these cases. Imagine a demand package that had these three reports with unsworn declarations or affidavits attached to it, rather than the “usual and customary” multiplier of medical bills. Now imagine only having to pay for the Trinity Lit Carrier if and when you won the case.

Victory would be eminent and settlement would be swift.

What once would take a year may only take 3 months.

Such is the power of a Trinity Lit Carrier's salvo.

Now imagine that power attached to all the appropriate cases with Expertpays.

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