How To Expertpays

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Date: 10.06.2020 Time to read: 2 min

Expertpays is a new virtue fintech venture. So, the process can be a black box for the rookie Expertpays user. Good thing we know how our product works! Mainly because it’s easy and breezy to use. Even if your tech skills are sub-optimal, Expertpays, which MoveDocs powers, will be within your grasp in minutes. Often, law firms train paralegals to process all Expertpays orders --- that’s how fast it works and how fast you can get started with obtaining expert services.

Without further introduction, here we go!

Head to the Website and Fill Out an Application

You’re already here, so just click on the Let’s Get Started button on the top of the page. From there you will fill out all the information pertaining to your case. Our website is secure and guards your confidential information. Select your deadline for when you need the expert report. Note that deadlines shorter than two weeks will incur a 20% surcharge.

When you get to the screen that lists all of our products, select one of them or, if what you want is something other than what is listed, then go ahead and select ‘other’ and describe this expert service. We are up to the challenge of getting you what you need!

Select Your Expert

Once you submit your application, we will show you the CVs of expert witnesses you can choose from. If you are more comfortable working with a particular expert witness, LET US KNOW! We will reach out to them and get them onboard. It’s easy to join our merry band of expert witnesses and costs the expert witness nothing.

Wait for Approval and Sign the Deferred Payment Agreement

Once you select your expert witness, the process goes to our underwriting department. From there, our staff will decide whether to fund the case. If approved, you will sign a deferred payment agreement, locking us in to help you with your case. The time from you choosing your expert witness to us approving your case is typically 48 hours or two business days.

Get in Touch With Your Expert

We will give you a MoveDocs login and password, which gives you acces to the MoveDocs portal. The portal is a hub where providers, attorneys, and expert witnesses can communicate. You will communicate with your expert witness via MoveDocs. The electronic HIPAA compliant portal allows you to drag and drop medical records (and any other documents the expert witness may need) into your expert witness’s inbox.  Then, the expert witness will start on your report.

Get Your Report

When the expert witness finishes your report, MoveDocs will notify you. The expert report will be in your inbox and ready for use in your case!

Win or Settle Your Case

When the case concludes, simply notify and pay Expertpays. It is that painless. Expertpays is committed to bankrolling the truth and streamlining access to expert witnesses. We are always working to make our processes more user-friendly. So after your experience, if you have a suggestion on how to make your experience better, tell us! I am here all the time and have nothing better to do. Who needs a life when you have Expertpays?!

What are you waiting for? Go fill out an application now.

Fill out our application to get started!